The Technology

MCONEC’s Mobile Transaction Ecosystem Architecture Framework 1 (MoTEAF® ) is a futureproof open standards based platform with multi-level security access. It provides easy connectivity, transaction workflow and flexible processing parameters for a range of mobile ecosystems.

Highly interoperable

Cloud-based platform

Scalable and Secure

Certifiable – PCI-DSS, HIPPA, OFAC, KYC, ISO-8583, and MoneyGram compliant


Highly Configurable

Enabled for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) monitoring

Accepts most currencies worldwide

Flexible Platform

MCONEC solutions are tightly governed by a series of globally certified, bank grade, non-functional requirement metrics to ensure secure, compliant, reliable, scalable and affordable processing of mobile transactions.

The platform architecture allows the extension of MCONEC’s services to support regional or program-specific transaction workflow, program-specific connectors and 3rd Party services

MCONEC allows you to deploy from a suite of built in services or to create new products on the fly.

Secure Infrastructure

  • MoTEAF™ Security is layered and ring-fenced to filter inappropriate traffic at each step into the platform infrastructure. Every server is protected with security configuration specific to its role and network location.
  • AWS provides the perfect PCI compliant base and with AWS Elastic Cloud our system is always efficient, supplying the right amount of resources to get the job done at any given time.