MCONEC Solutions

Consumer Wallet Services

The MCONEC ‘M-PAY’ component of the platform provides for the most extensive range of mobile financial services that can be deployed at different stages of the product lifecycle. Services are specific to the consumer and business wallets.

Retail Payments

Bill Payments

Cash-in and Cash-out

Person-to-Person (P2P)

International Money Transfers

Airtime and Data top-up

Balance Enquiries

Inter-account Transfers

Business Wallet Services

Whether receiving payments or paying employees, our platform provides more ways for you to do business.

Retail Merchant Services

Retail Payment Services

Cash-in and Cash-out

Bill Payment

Airtime and Data Top-up

Business Services

B2B Transfer

Direct Deposit/Payroll

Mall Solution

Advertising Sales

Mobile Engagement

Engage customers with MCONEC’s mobile marketing solutions, enabling merchants to deliver the right offer, at the right time, for the right product or service that customers want.

Targeted Messaging

Push targeted offers directly to your customers’ phones.

Customised Offers

CRM database allows for customized offers based on location, customer preferences, time of day, special events and other parameters.

Mobile Rewards

Reward customers with a loyalty programme to make them feel recognized and valued – MCONEC gives you the flexibility to create, customize, brand and maintain an engaging loyalty programme.

Gift Cards

Assign points based on amount spent, products purchased or in-store promotions

Buy X, get Y free

Events rewards – based on interactions with your business such as number of visits or check-ins