The MCONEC platform offers a proven complete end to end delivery of a mobile financial services solution for developing markets.

Fully Customizable

Our cloud-based platform enables implementation of secure mobile financial services as well as loyalty solutions and rewards programmes that can be customized to meet the needs of any market. Quickly deployable and easy to use, MCONEC is a white label solution that provides just about everyone with access to a complete ecosystem of financial services.

Roll Out Quickly and Easily

Our experienced service delivery team will work closely with your business team to deploy your platform within 6 months. We will also provide the necessary consultation and project management to build out the Mobile Financial Services Ecosystem, that is required to deploy Mobile Wallets.


Expand your reach.


Make more transactions

Microfinance Institutions

Do more business


Be more efficient

Mobile Networks

Increase your revenue

The Technology

MCONEC’s Mobile Transaction Ecosystem Architecture Framework 1 (MoTEAF® ) is a futureproof open standards based platform with multi-level security access. It provides easy connectivity, transaction workflow and flexible processing parameters for a range of mobile ecosystems.

How it Works

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